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AboutThe Client


UsaUk-Classifieds is the Classified ads website. UsaUk-Classifieds provides free ads platform to his clients, they also charge on Feature ads, Bold Listings, Better placements, Ads rotations & etc. They provide store front services means client can create his separate page, company information with logo and graphics and post own product so they can sale products with some pages like contact us & about us and product descriptions, UsaUk-Classifieds website developed in TPL format and converted in html format, Actually Its classifieds software develop by Geodesic Company, I am continuously working on website more than 3 yrs, & now a days no need to SEO, Website have Continuous Flow of visitors


About usauk-classified project


When UsaUk-Classifieds Admin approached us the first thing that we looked at was to do a complete proposal on where they were on their website and what they were looking at achieving in the near future. As part of our initial proposal document, the suggestion was for them to let us do a complete redesign of their website. In SEO work we are always able to take any company and their keywords are chosen and get them to rank very well over the first few months. However, if the website design is not up to scratch in terms of layout and usability then all of the hard work on the SEO will not maximise on the results achieved.


Having understood the requirements, we built On-Page strategy pages throughout the website focusing on one main keyword per page. We optimized every internal page with correct keyword density, good metatags and we created high PR backlinks back to those newly created pages. Essentially, we proposed a three-stage plan to the UsaUk-Classifieds team. Stage 1 consisted of optimizing all the main web pages. Stage 2 consisted of optimizing all the articles. Finally, stage 3 consisted of integrating SEO into the business processes.